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  • Relieves stress and pain

  • Improves blood flow

  • Delivers nutrients and oxygen

  • Increases sense of well being

  • Improves breathing

  • Good for both mother and baby

Prenatal massage benefits

Two Chicopee locations for your convenience

Thanks to how busy you have made us, we now have two locations for you to visit. When you call for your next appointment, ask if it will be better for you to visit our location on Memorial Drive or Grattan Street. Contact Magic Hands Therapeutic Massage today and let us help you feel better.

Is it safe for expectant mothers to get a massage? Of course it is! Depending on how many weeks along a mother is, there are variations in our massage, but there's no question that a prenatal massage helps both mother and baby feel their best up until that blessed day of arrival. Contact Magic Hands Therapeutic Massage in Chicopee, MA, for your personalized massage.

Check with your doctor

Before beginning a prenatal massage program, it's a good idea to first speak with your obstetrician in case there are any conditions or complications we should know about. It never hurts to get more information. Contact us for details about our massages.

Prenatal massage Prenatal massage Prenatal massage

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